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Rocket9 Inc. is a full service internet broadcasting, live streaming and webcasting company, offering turnkey and project oriented solutions in rich media. Equally proficient in event staging, backend programming and design, Rocket9 also boasts a strong emphasis on client support and an ability to provide a valuable interactive online experience between its clients and their viewers.

The webcasting experience and knowledge that forms Rocket9's foundation is very extensive. In 1999 some of the founding members of Rocket9 created one of Toronto's first webcasting companies, Presentation-direct. The company grew quickly providing webcasting services for the medical, pharmaceutical and financial industries. Presentation-direct successfully webcasted throughout North America and Europe and grew to have a prominent client base that included The Bank of Montreal, Harris Bank of New York and Abbott Pharmaceuticals. Presentation-direct successfully webcast a multi-room,120 presenter conference over 4 days for the Bank of Montreal from Tampa Florida. This was Canada's largest webcast to date. Presentation-direct was eventually purchased by Telus.

Email: r9_info@rocket9.comTelephone: (416) 848-4899 Toll Free: 1 (888) 777 7965